I’ve Joined The Kentwood Real Estate Family!

I wouldn’t be a Modglin unless I made things super interesting.  This past year, I have been contemplating a big move for my real estate career.  I thought do I join my wife at Kentwood City, do I acquire another property management company to expand my current company or do I join a Commercial Real estate firm?  So many different directions I could take but wasn’t sure of the perfect fit.  Well, I was approached by an amazing Denver firm called Denver Rental to join their group as their Director and it was an opportunity I had to really consider. Now I don’t know how much you know about brokerages in Denver but when it comes to the top of the top, Kentwood ranks right up there as one of the best in the city. I was beyond flattered that they asked me to be a part of their talented team but I of course had a few reservations mainly being that I never imagined I would leave the brokerage firm that I started from the ground up. My wife Brigette and I started our brokerage firm in 2009 as a team and have seen it grow and expand into something really wonderful and I never thought the day would come when I would be leaving. But if you ask my wife  and any of my close friends, We used to say, the only way I would be leaving my own brokerage would be if Kentwood came knocking at my door and it seems the universe aligned and now, I am beyond excited to start this new journey with this incredible group.  Brigette Joined In 2016 and absolutely loves it. 

This decision didn’t take long making this move is to better myself in all aspects of my life. I made the decision as I feel it is going to help me grow as a leader, Realtor, mentor, father and husband as it will give me more time to work on my self development, business development and will give me more time with my family as I won’t be wearing all the hats anymore and can focus on what is important in my life and business. Sometimes as a business owner I forget just how much work I actually do every day and how I take away from time that could be better spent focused on my clients new and old and my family, my spiritual life and volunteering.  With the help of Denver Rental, I look forward to freeing up more of those busy-work hours so I can focus on the important things.  

Being the Director of Denver Rental will provide me with the tools, knowledge, skills and better backend support to service my clients and business partners.  It will offer more benefits like higher quality marketing, international connections, as they are members of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World and the Luxury Portfolio Brand.  I will also have enhanced customer support. 

Brigette and I will continue to work together and continue to work with investor clients, buyers and sellers.  I will also continue to volunteer as an EMT and at my daughters school Flatirons Academy. 

I can’t wait for this new adventure and I am so excited to be able to offer my clients the best of the best, here’s to a new year and a new beginning!


How to Prepare your Home for the Winter

In Colorado it seems as though Fall has barely been around long enough to be a season and yet we know the mountains are already seeing lots of snow and the nights in the city are getting colder and colder. The winter months are right around the corner (they are already throwing frost on your car windows in the morning) and now is a good time to start getting your house ready for the wintertime. Below I compiled a list of things to do to get your home in the best shape it can be in before the snow and wind and cold arrives:

Clean Your Gutters – If you can’t get on a ladder and get up to clean the gutters of your house, hire someone when most of the leaves have fallen off your trees. Clogged gutters can lead to water problems in the basement and other troubles when they fill up with snow and ice.

Winterize your Sprinkler System - Make sure to have your sprinkler system winterized by blowing out the pipes and having the back flow preventer wraped with heat tape or with styrofoam so it doesn’t freeze and crack.  Also make sure to unhook all your hoses and cover with styrofoam hose bib covers.  

Seal any Masonry – You want to make sure any cracks or broken pieces in your sidewalk or stonework is repaired before snow covers them and accidents happen.

Energy-efficient Heat Ideas – Most new homes have insulation but many old homes found in Denver do not. Add insulation to your home as well as caulk around any doors or windows to keep the heat in and the cold out while cutting down on your heat costs.

Divert Water Away from your House – Those downspouts are there for a reason and in the winter it is smart to add extensions to your downspouts that run at least three to four feet away from the foundation.

Mulch Your Leaves – You have raked and raked your leaves for the past few weeks but now it is time to mow them and turn them into mulch to protect your grass over the winter. The leaves eventually decompose and nourish your lawn over the winter so you have a nice, green lawn when spring comes.

Chimney Sweep – If you are lucky enough to have a chimney in your home then make sure to find a good chimney sweep before you turn it on for the first time of the season. Also, make sure to find good firewood to use in your fireplace if it isn’t electric, check with neighbors and locals to find what firewood burns best and will work in your home fireplace.

Keep your home up-to-date this winter and save money with the above recommendations and you are sure to have a warm, money-saving winter. 


Colorado Wineries


60750 US Highway 285 • Bailey

303.816.5504 • aspenpeakcellars.com


9046 West Bowles Avenue • Littleton

303.904.7650 • avantiwinery.com


15090 Lansing Street • Brighton

303.807.3906 • badbitchcellars.com


1946 East 66th Avenue • Denver

303.287.5156 • balistrerivineyards.com


11616 Shaffer Place • Littleton

303.722.0669 • bacellars.com


15836 Black Bridge Road • Paonia

970.527.6838 • blackbridgewinery.com


251 Jefferson Street • Fort Collins

970.407.9463 • blueskieswinery.com


28036 Highway 74 • Evergreen

303.674.5460 • creeksidecellars.net


528 Main Avenue • Durango

970.403.8182 • fourleaveswinery.com


5513 County Road 321 • Ignacio

970.563.4675 • foxfirefarms.com


53716 Falcon Road • Olathe

970.901.5919 • garrettestatecellars.com


16150 County Road 220 • Salida

719.539.1175 • mountainspiritwinery.com


5859 5825 Road • Olathe

970.323.6816 • mountainviewwinery.com


6547 South Racine Cir #1400 • Centennial

720.328.2513 • pointblankwinery.com


4640 Pecos Street • Denver

720.437.9537 • rykerscellars.com


1501 Lee Hill Drive #16 • Boulder

303.532.1892 • settembrecellars.com


41716 Reds Road • Paonia

970.527.3444 • stonecottagecellars.com


12174 Road G • Cortez

970.565.0825 • sutcliffewines.com


4455 Fountain Avenue • Cascade

719.684.8000 • wineryatpikespeak.com


2087 Broadway Road • Grand Junction

970.255.1471 • tworiverswinery.com


8100 West Highway 50 • Salida

719.539.6299 • vinosalida.com


1660 Champa Street • Denver

303.534.0788 • winerycolorado.com



One Scoop Or Two! Celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

Everyone has a bit of a sweet tooth right? Some people can’t go a day without a piece of chocolate, others would give an arm for a great baked good and for me personally, I love the summer season because that means I can keep cool with some delicious ice cream. Denver is actually a great city for ice cream with so many great shops to choose from offering a variety of flavors of ice cream and different types as well. Below I have compiled a list of some of the cream of the crop when it comes to ice cream, if you feel the need to check every one of them out this summer, no judgment from this end, I totally would understand!


Chaos and Cream – 2500 E 1st Ave – This fun named spot (ice cream cart) is run by a two men team who serve Thai-inspired ice cream. They take fresh ingredients, cream, create and freeze before rolling it out in front of your eyes to make a beautiful ice cream dream.


Frozen Matter – 530 E 19th Ave – Frozen matter is a family-run operation and they are known for creating a vast array of ice cream varieties with touches of seasonal accents.


High Point Creamery – 215 S. Holly St. – These guys have a spot in Denver Central Market, Hilltop and a hot pink truck that cruises around town delivering sweet treats. They offer 18 flavors regularly mixing traditional flavors with unique ones so you will always find something fun to try.


Liks Ice Cream – 2039 E. 13th Ave – Liks is four decades old, that’s right, four, so you know they have to be doing a lot right to stick around that long. Located in Capitol Hill, this neighborhood spot always has a line out the door for their classic and adventurous flavors.


Little Man Ice Cream – 2620 16th St. – Driving through LoHi, you would have a hard time missing the giant display that is Little Man. It doesn’t seem to matter the weather, this beloved ice cream shop always has a line. Lucky for us, they are now opening locations in Congress Park, Sloans Lake and Stapleton.


Nuggs – 5125 E. Colfax Ave – If you want to enjoy your cold dessert on a sweet patio, Nuggs is a great place to go. Their stuff is housemade, from the ice cream to shakes and malts and sundaes.


Snowlab – 4360 E Evans Ave – If the name didn’t give it away, this isn’t your typical ice cream shop. This new spot has Taiwanese-style shaved ice that is vegan and full of tasty flavors.


Sweet Action Ice Cream – 52 Broadway – This place is Colorado proud using natural Colorado ingredients to make their ice cream. Don’t worry about the same old flavors, they are updated daily.


Keep yourself and the family happy this summer, stop at one or all of these amazing shops for a sweet treat and a lot of thankful smiles.



Why Having Your House Numbers Visible is Important

There are many times when I am driving around showing homes that I will accidently drive past the house because I have a hard time seeing the house number. Whether it is during the day or at night, it is imperative that you have your home numbers visible from the street not just for people trying to find your home, but also in case of an emergency.


When responding to an emergency call, police officers, EMS and firefighters look for house numbers when they first arrive. These numbers are their first indication of where to stop and if you have numbers not printer on your mail box, that blend in with the siding of your home or are not visible at night, it makes it hard for them to figure out where they are needed.


Make it a point to look and see if your numbers fit the following criteria:


All of the numbers are there – sometimes with older homes or with the typical wear and tear from weather, numbers can become faded or they can detach from the house and/or mailbox. Make sure you have all your numbers listed.


You have large numbers visible from a distance – there are many sizes of numbers you can get at the stores these days and while some of them might look a certain way or you might not want them to overwhelm your house, it is important that the numbers are large enough to be seen from the road. Find the area on your house that is very easy to see – above the garage, next to your door, on the mailbox or all of them – stand in the road and hang the numbers. If you can’t see them, then they aren’t big enough and you will need to find bigger numbers.


Make sure you have the area around the numbers cleaned up – this is more specifically for mailbox areas or if you have vegetation growing on your house that may cover up the numbers in any way. Make sure again, if you can’t see if from the road, that you make sure to clear up the area so others can see it from the road.


The color of the numbers does not blend in with the house in any way, shape or form – if you have a white house, then don’t put white numbers on your house. When it comes to numbers, it isn’t as much about fashion, it’s about the ability to see the numbers in case of an emergency.


Remember, these numbers could be a lifesaver in case of an emergency so you want to make sure you have them visible, large and in the right color!

Keeping your lawn and garden healthy this Spring

The rain we’ve been having the past few weeks has definitely helped the lawns around town recover a bit from the winter season. Driving around, I’ve admired many a lawns with their emerald green coloring and stunning flower gardens. But it isn’t only rain that makes these lawns look as great as they do, usually takes a bit of work on the homeowner’s part as well. Many of my clients have contractors or lawn people who they hire out to take care of everything and to keep their yard looking perfect all through the summer. But many of my clients like to do it themselves and for them I have some tips on how to keep their lawn healthy and their flowers blooming when the weather is rainy and cool and when it gets hot and dry.


Fertilize your lawn – This is imperative to do especially after your hard has had to sit through the harsh winter weather conditions. Lawn fertilizing promotes lush growth, prevents invasive weeds and also strengthens roots. When looking for fertilizer, look for these three nutrients: potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus and organic and synthetic lawn fertilizers are really healthy for your lawn I would recommend going with those.


TLC – You may notice dead patches or bare spots in your yard due to weeds. Make sure to remove as many weeds from your yard as you can before the seasons start to really chance. For large patches sometimes sod is a good option otherwise sow grass seed.


Don’t mow too low – Many people like to mow their lawns quite low but experts now say that it is better to keep the mowing level a bit on the higher side and to mow more frequently (but who really wants to mow more frequently?) J Mowing a lawn on the shorter side can put stress on the grass and causes the roots to now grow as deep decreasing its ability to resist pests and weeds.


Water in the morning – When the sun helps dry the grass out (and boy do we have some hot sun) it actually helps take prolonged moisture off the blades which can cause disease on the grass.


Spot train your dog – Many a people own dogs in Denver and with dogs comes dead spots on your lawn. If you can train your dog to go in a certain area such as a mulch area, you can save yourself the burden of having to try and regrow grass in those discolored spots.


Gardens love natural compost – fertilizing your garden with kitchen and yard waste is one of the healthiest ways to feed it. Make sure you read about what consists of composting materials before you make a compost pile in your yard but trust me, your garden will be healthy as a horse with this combination.


There are many ways to keep your lawn healthy this spring but just remember, natural and organic are more the way to go when it comes to nature.

How to get your yard ready for Spring showings

April showers bring May flowers is a true statement these days with all the rain we’ve been having! Colorado is looking lush as ever – the trees are sprouting, the grass is a vibrant green and sellers are trying to figure out what they can do to get give their yard a makeover so it appeals to potential buyers. I always tell my sellers in the spring that buyers aren’t just looking at the inside of the house now, they are also seeing what the yard looks like, what’s planted and any potential issues the yard might bring to the house. With that in mind, here are some tips I have given my sellers in ways they can spruce up their yards to look it’s best when showing day arrives:


Flowers make everything brighter – Container plants make everything more inviting. Place flowers in pots around the entrances of the front door and any other areas that buyers will see when pulling up to the house. If the yard needs more color too, plant flowers around to brighten up the appearance.


Re-mulch every year – If you have place mulch around trees and gardens in the past spring, by the next spring, you will need to put a fresh layer down. Mulch is fairly inexpensive and a fresh plot of it can really spruce up the look of your yard.


Shape overgrown shrubs and trees – Many trees and plants can get overgrown and start to take an odd shape. Make sure to get out and trim these all back, especially if any tree branches might block the view of the home or be close enough to be an issue for buyers walking underneath it.


Make sure your irrigation system is functioning – Irrigation repairs can be costly and the last thing you would want is to find out the whole system went on the fritz during the winter. Make sure to repair any issues before putting the house on the market so you know that won’t be an issue come inspection time.


Fertilize, mow and edge your lawn – It’s important to make sure the main feature of your lawn, the grass, it well taken care of especially after the winter season when it tends to take a brown appearance. Fertilize the grass come spring, edge the driveway and sidewalks and mow a day or so before any showings.


Get rid of the weeds – Dandelions always make a timely appearance in everyone’s yard come spring and they are pesky things. If you have any rock formations you will probably have some weeds popping up and those all need to be picked to give your lawn its best appearance.


It may not be your yard but adding a bright welcoming mat is always a nice way to invite potential buyers into your home. This spring is a busy season for both sellers and buyers and if you are ready to buy or sell, contact me today and let’s work on getting you prepped for fulfilling your real estate dreams.

Renting in Denver + Landlord vs Property Management Firm

You may have noticed all of the apartments being built around Denver. With the warm weather comes more construction and it appears these days that many of those new construction products are apartments and some new condominiums. There have been countless reports that Denver is creeping up on having some of the priciest rental numbers in the country (we are still far behind say New York or San Diego) but as more of these complexes are being built, many people are wondering if the prices will still stay high with all the new inventory? The truth is, while many of these new apartments will not be full in the first year, it’s predicted that in the next couple of years these places will continue to fill up. Many new complexes offer great move-in deals for renters like first month free of rent, pet fee waived or an extra parking spot. They also might have lower prices to start off with but as they fill up, the prices of rent will also rise up.


Currently, according to RentCafe, the average rental rates in Denver are as follows:

·      Average rent - $1,509

·      Average rent size – 884 sq feet

·      Most expensive neighborhood to rent – Congress Park

·      Least expensive neighborhood to rent – City Park West

·      Most affordable neighborhoods: Barnum, Mar Lee, Westwood


Many renters will tell you they pay well above $1,509 for their unit and that all has to do with location and size of the unit. The further away from the city you live, the more space you are able to obtain for less rent. It’s the same for my rental clients who are looking to buy, for more bang for their buck, they head out towards the burbs.


Many renters also look into renting townhomes and houses that are owned by a landlord instead of a property management group. Many renters want to know what the differences are between the two when weighing their options. Here are a few basic differences I tell my clients about when they are considering one or the other:

·      A landlord may not be available to you 24/7. Property management groups usually have a 24/hour phone line to call for instance if you get locked out of your apartment at 1am. But a landlord who only has a few properties may provide faster and more personal service then you would get from a large corporation.

·      Some landlords may not be willing to shell out the money for more expensive repairs while a property management group has the funds and the responsibility to make those repairs.

·      Property management groups have fairly strict rules to follow on what is allowed in the unit and move-in and move-out day. While an individual landlord might be a little more lenient on the rules, they could also be more intrusive.


I always tell people to do their research on apartment complexes before they move in, read the reviews, and even chat with people who live there to get a better idea. For those of you ready to get out of the renting, give me a call today and let’s chat about how we can get you prepared to buy a home!

Hot Springs Adventures Around Colorado

Just so you know, March is know as Colorado’s snowiest month. While we think we see spring in the distance, it’s days like the other day that remind us we aren’t out of the woods yet. And it’s on those snowy spring days that I start to think about places to go that my family and I could enjoy the cold while still being warm. The great thing about Colorado is that we have a lot of natural hot springs scattered around the state that make for a great road trip when the weather might still be a bit on the chilly side. Below I have compiled a list of some of the best hot springs to travel to with the family or as a little romantic get away for you and your significant other.


Strawberry Hot Springs – you can actually stay right near the hot springs by renting one of their rustic cabins or camping when the weather isn’t too cold. When the sun goes does, you have the option of keeping your swimsuit on or enjoying the water in the nude.


Glenwood Hot Springs Resort – the lodge is located adjacent to the pools so makes it a great spot to stay for the whole family. Glenwood Hot Springs boast the world’s largest hot-springs pool with two water slides and also a mii-golf course for when your body needs a break from the heat.


The Springs Resort and Spa, Pagosa Springs – this is a great place to take your significant other. This luxury resort has more then 20 soaking pools which includes the world’s deepest geothermal spring, a full service spa and separate luxury suites. Don’t forget about the adult-only pools too which have amazing views of the San Juan Mountains.


Avalanche Ranch Cabins, Redstone – if you are one who loves a little rustic touch, head to Redstone to stay in one of the beautiful private cabins that look over the Rocky Mountains with 24-hour access to the hot-springs. The 36-acre ranch also has incredible hiking trails with views for days.


Indian Springs Resort, Idaho Springs – if you like variety, this is the spot for you. With geo-thermal caves, private baths, outdoor Jacuzzis and a mineral water pool you will have your choice of bathing for the day. There is also lodging options that range from campsites to resort rooms and of course a spa.


Dunton Hot Springs, Telluride – this all-inclusive resort is located in a restored ghost town with private log cabins, mineral-rich hot springs and long-table dinners in a 1800’s saloon.


There are plenty more hot springs to choose from so make sure you do your research to find the ones that best fit what you are looking for in your hot springs experience.

Spring forward this Sunday with Daylight Saving Time

Hard to believe we are already heading into spring and with that comes the changing of the clocks. This Sunday, March 11th, at 1:00am the clocks will cruise forward giving us earlier morning sun and much more sunlight with sunsets taking place around 8:00pm. It’s a great way to get excited for spring and summer but also can throw people a bit for a week or so, especially anyone with small children who need to get used to going to bed with the sun still shining!


There have been many arguments over the years about taking away daylights saving time in the United States. Many countries did away with daylights saving or have never even used it but the US continues to use it. Arizona, for example, can be a bit tricky because some of the parts of the start recognize daylights saving and other parts of it do not so if you happen to be traveling there, make sure to ask around to figure out what time it is.


The history of when daylights savings started goes all the way back to 1895 to a entomologist from New Zealand named George Hudson. He proposed a two-hour time shift so that he would have more after work hours of sunshine. He wanted to have more time to go bug hunting was his main purpose. Then about seven years later, a British builder named William Willett thought up the same idea while he was out horseback riding. He brought the idea to England’s Parliament as a way to prevent the nation from wasting daylight. The idea was shot down by the British government and didn’t come back to light until 1916, two years into World War 1 when the German government was brainstorming ways to save energy. They knew of Willett’s idea and decided to implement it into their daily lives. Back then, coal power was king and so by changing their clocks, people really did save energy by not having to use so much coal.


Today, there is still a lot of back and forth because as many people have pointed out, changing the clocks no longer saves any energy. There also have been studies around the changing of clocks and how it has been linked to higher car accident fatalities, heart attacks and other negative outcomes. But these effects are just temporary, thought to be due to sleep deprivation and circadian rhythm changes.


So before you go to bed Saturday evening, make sure to turn your clocks back and don’t be alarmed if you feel a little groggy on Monday morning! With this weather changing you might be thinking it is a good time to get into the real estate market and if that’s the case, give me a call today I’d love to grab a cup of coffee with you and chat about how we can make your real estate dreams come true!

How to stage your home to sell

One thing that hasn’t changed about the Denver real estate market is that this market is still and continues to be a sellers market. For all my sellers out there, this is a great thing. For my buyers out there, just know this is why you hire a good realtor to help you in this competitive market to get the house you want.


With it being a sellers market, many people feel they do not necessarily need to make their home look a certain way because buyers will buy the house regardless of how it looks. But this is not something I recommend, far from it! I tell my sellers that while their home may sell quickly, the appearance of the home will help it sell even more quickly or above asking price. Many of my sellers ask just how they can get their home ready to put on the market and here are some tips I have when preparing your home to put on the market:


·      Boost your curb appeal – when potential buyers pull up to your house, an attractive curb appeal can make all the difference. Make sure your sidewalks and driveway are cleared, if it is the spring, your lawn is mowed and you may have some flowers potted on your porch. Having some porch furniture always adds a nice home feeling.

·      Make sure your house is clean – whether you clean your home yourself or hire a cleaning company to come before you host open houses and showings, make sure your house is sparkling.

·      Get rid of any clutter – it can be hard to see past clutter for future buyers so do them a favor and remove any of it from your living areas and bedrooms. Also remove unwanted clutter from kitchen counters and bathrooms.

·      Remove personal items – yes this is still your house but you want potential buyers to see it as their house now too. Remove any super personal items or photos to show the homes full potential and offer buyers a chance to picture themselves in that living space.

·      Paint paint paint – some of my clients have very colorful tastes and while that is great when they are living in the home, when it comes time to sell, it also means possibly toning down the colors to a more neutral state.

·      Clean up after your pets – we all love our furry friends but they can also add stains and smells to our home. Before showing your home, make sure you clean up after your four-legged friend and deodorize.

·      Rearrange your furniture – try to make the most of your space by filling it with the right amount of furniture and using the space wisely. You want to show potential buyers how they can utilize the space (especially for awkward areas in a house make sure you stage those as well so buyers aren’t left wondering what they could do with that space).


If you are a seller looking to put your home on the market, contact me today and let’s have a chat about what things I would recommend to do to get your house selling ready!

Best places to take your four-legged friend in Denver

If there is one thing I can tell you about Denver it would be that we really, really like our dogs in this city. Wherever you go you will see people with their four-legged friends – at the park, the coffee shop or even your favorite watering hole. Denver advocates itself as a dog-friendly city and I would have to agree, there are so many great spots to take your pup, even in the winter months. Below is a list of some of the best parks and hotels to take your favorite pup:


Rail yard dog park – Located in LoDo, this is a fenced-in, off leash park with areas for low-energy dogs separate from high-energy dogs.


Fuller park dog park – Found between Five Points and City Park West, this one-acre fenced in dog park has a suburban-urban feel.


Cherry Creek state park – This park has enough space for a few dogs to enjoy at the same time. Cherry Creek State Park is the largest regional park and recreational area in Southeast Denver with the off leash dog area spanning over 107 acres. You do need a park pass for your vehicle but you can make a day of it with the whole family, take a hike on the trails and enjoy the lake and other park activities.


Glendale farms dog park – This park is open an hour before sunrise and an hour after sunset and it’s free. It has 17-ares dedicated to off-leash play area with an obstacle course for those of you with curious companions who like a little challenge.


Elk Meadows park – Located just 35 minutes outside of Denver near Evergreen, this is a wonderful place to hike for both you and your dog.


Berkeley lake dog park – Situated on 2-acres near Lakeside Amusement Park this fenced in dog park is right by the lake and offers and area specifically for dogs under 25-lbs.


The Curtis Hotel – Your dog will feel special when they become part of the Curtis K-9 where they will be pampered with a sandwich board, a photo, snacks and doggie bags full of toys and treats.


Hotel Monaco – Dog or other furry friend, Hotel Monaco welcomes all pets of shapes and sizes for no extra charge. With a pet exercise area, dog beds, pet sitting, grooming and other services, your dog will never want to leave.


The Art Hotel – The hotel recently launched an ART run for patrons and their pups which is an urban public run following a curated map around the city. Once you are done, you can enjoy some ice-cold water while your pup can enjoy some bacon-fused water.

Besides great parks and hotels, there are plenty of great bars and coffee shops where you dog can enjoy some water and some baked puppy treats. Whether taking your dog for a walk or for a sleepover, Denver is full of great spots for your furry companion.