How to Prepare your Home for the Winter

In Colorado it seems as though Fall has barely been around long enough to be a season and yet we know the mountains are already seeing lots of snow and the nights in the city are getting colder and colder. The winter months are right around the corner (they are already throwing frost on your car windows in the morning) and now is a good time to start getting your house ready for the wintertime. Below I compiled a list of things to do to get your home in the best shape it can be in before the snow and wind and cold arrives:

Clean Your Gutters – If you can’t get on a ladder and get up to clean the gutters of your house, hire someone when most of the leaves have fallen off your trees. Clogged gutters can lead to water problems in the basement and other troubles when they fill up with snow and ice.

Winterize your Sprinkler System - Make sure to have your sprinkler system winterized by blowing out the pipes and having the back flow preventer wraped with heat tape or with styrofoam so it doesn’t freeze and crack.  Also make sure to unhook all your hoses and cover with styrofoam hose bib covers.  

Seal any Masonry – You want to make sure any cracks or broken pieces in your sidewalk or stonework is repaired before snow covers them and accidents happen.

Energy-efficient Heat Ideas – Most new homes have insulation but many old homes found in Denver do not. Add insulation to your home as well as caulk around any doors or windows to keep the heat in and the cold out while cutting down on your heat costs.

Divert Water Away from your House – Those downspouts are there for a reason and in the winter it is smart to add extensions to your downspouts that run at least three to four feet away from the foundation.

Mulch Your Leaves – You have raked and raked your leaves for the past few weeks but now it is time to mow them and turn them into mulch to protect your grass over the winter. The leaves eventually decompose and nourish your lawn over the winter so you have a nice, green lawn when spring comes.

Chimney Sweep – If you are lucky enough to have a chimney in your home then make sure to find a good chimney sweep before you turn it on for the first time of the season. Also, make sure to find good firewood to use in your fireplace if it isn’t electric, check with neighbors and locals to find what firewood burns best and will work in your home fireplace.

Keep your home up-to-date this winter and save money with the above recommendations and you are sure to have a warm, money-saving winter.