Benefits of Buying a Home Before the Year Ends


I can’t think of one client of mine who has ever thought to themselves, you know when the perfect time to move homes would be? December. And I can’t say I blame them in the least bit! The craziest times for real estate are definitely spring and summer with the fall close behind especially out here in Colorado. Once the winter hits though, we definitely find that it can be a bit quieter (not much though, Denver especially is still a growing market which means people move here daily even in the winter). So why might I suggest that some people look for their home during December? Don’t look at the snow report when you read my reasons below, the snow shouldn’t be a deciding factor in all of this!


1.    Sellers are motivated – If they have been sitting on their property for a while and have been in a new home, sellers are going to be more motivated to negotiate because they want to enjoy some tax savings on their new home and they have deadlines at the end of the year.

2.    Tax savings – That being said, if you close by Dec. 31st, you get to deduct property taxes, mortgage interest, interest costs and points on your loan. These would be quite significant deductions particularly in these first couple of years on your loan when you interests will be high.

3.    Available movers – Movers can be booked out weeks in advance during the really busy moving months which can make it hard for home buyers. If you wait until these quieter months, more openings will be available and you may even be able to make a sweeter deal when it comes to prices.

4.    Payments are consistent – If you are renting, the new year is a good time for landlords to look at prices for the new year and decide if they may increase rent prices or not. With buying a house, your monthly mortgage payments will stay the same if you have a fixed-rate loan.

5.    Paying towards your own place – Like the above bullet point says, you will be able to have a fixed payment and even better, you will be working to pay off a home that is all your own. There is no time like the present to own your own home and stop giving money away to landlords.

6.    Builder incentives in a new home – New homes are a great thing and they are even better when you get them towards the end of the year when builders are pushing to close their books and meet quotas. Builders may offer buyers some extra perks like upgrades or little extras to sweeten the deal.


There are some really great reasons to look to buy a house before the year ends and if you are thinking that might be the best holiday gift, give me a call today and let’s start the look before 2016 arrives.