I'm Jay Modglin; Father, Husband and Businessman

Coloradans, let me take a minute to introduce myself.

My friends and my family call me Jay Modglin. I was adopted at birth and grew up in a wonderful, loving family who resides in Arizona and California. My childhood was spent on the white sand of Southern California. While I still hold a great love for California in my heart, I moved to Colorado in 1996 and feel honored to call this beautiful state my home.

I married the love of my life,  Brigette, and out of all the jobs that I do daily, my favorite two jobs are being a loving husband and a father to my beautiful daughter Reagan. Currently, I work alongside my wife as a full-time realtor helping people buy and sell their homes, help investors find that perfect cash flow, flip property or a commercial building for your start-up or growing business and I am the Co-Owner of Longjohns longboards. I also have a love of helping others, in the medical field as I am a volunteer EMT for Highland Rescue in Genesee. I have always been intrigued by medicine and have always had a passion to help others, which is why I am currently working on becoming a volunteer firefighter or paramedic. I also enjoy working On the weekend as a volunteer at the café in Flatirons Community Church, an organization I am proud to belong to.

last year,, my wife and I decided to buy a longboard company called LongJohns Longboards, which is in the final stages of launching. We are a family who loves to be outdoors and experience new activities. In the winter, I like to strap my snowboard on my car and head to the mountains for a few runs down the slopes. If I’m not there, you can find me at our vacation home in Granby.  I also enjoy classic cars and Music.. I currently own a 1955 Chevy Wagon and a 1972 Chevy Custom pick-up truck. The fleet will continue to expand as I find more great cars!  My guitar collection is even larger than my car collection.  I have seven guitars and love them all. From acoustic to electric I enjoy them all..  Some day I will play in a band again!

Those are just a few details about me that I wanted to share with you all. I know when I look to do business with someone, I like to know a bit about the person I will be working alongside. If you feel that I may be a good fit for you as you begin looking for a new home or get ready to put your home on the market, shoot me an email or give me a call today and let’s grab coffee to discuss more. I look forward to meeting new faces, re-connecting with old friends and building new business and personal relationships.  Oh yea and if you ever want to demo or purchase one of our longboards just let me know.  I can meet you at a local coffee shop or skate park.