Design and Home Improvement Apps for Everyone to Use

It is safe to say that on a daily basis, we use our cellular phones probably more than any other electrical device we have. With the ability to schedule meetings, make multiple phone calls at once, check email, write notes and multiple other necessary daily needs for working men and women, our cell phones have become a way to do things at our own leisure and on our own time. As a businessman who is constantly on the go, I sometimes find myself using different apps on my phone to help with my businesses when I may not have the time to sit down on my computer. One of my jobs that I love is being a realtor and also helping investors and homeowners work on their new purchases to make their houses or businesses the place of their dreams. Many times, these people are just as busy as I am but want to make home improvements on their new house or are trying to figure out how to design the new office space they just bought. One thing I recommend to them is downloading a few good home improvements or design apps on their phones so when they have a few minutes, they can get some ideas from these apps to help them. Below I have compiled a list of apps I think are great for both home improvements and home design.

Paint Tester (Free) – With this would have been something long before smart phones and apps! This app allows you to take pictures of your walls and try out different paint colors on them. You can select from a palette they provide or upload a picture of the color you want and also save you a few trips to the paint store.

Zillow Digs (Free) – This app is packed with home improvement and interior design ideas with cost estimates, remodeling steps and links to products.

Home Design 3D Gold ($9.99) – It is $10 but this app goes above and beyond what you are looking for in terms of designing your home. This app allows you to remodel or redecorate your current home or build the house of your dreams with over 800 objects for home and garden.

Handyman Calculator (Free) – This app helps you calculate costs and materials for any project you want to do, reducing material waste. You can also create shopping lists and search through a wide range of tutorials.

Houzz Interior Design Ideas (Free) – Houzz is the largest database of home design ideas on the Internet. The app is similar to the website in that is features an extensive catalog of photos listed by room.  I actually have a family member who works for this company so i really love this app because I know that she is working hard behind the scenes to help make it all happen!

RoomReveal – Home Design (Free) – When you open the app you may think you are on Instagram or Pinterest, but RoomReveal is a mixture of the two showing the progression of your home improvement project. Users simply upload photos and provide a narrative.

EasyMeasure (Free) – How many times have you found yourself without a tape measure? This app shows the distance between objects as seen through your phone’s camera lens.

There are a number of good apps out there to help you design and improve your home or business. When you are ready to have someone come in and help you make your visions designed on your apps a reality, give me a call and let’s get together and bring your dream to life.