Great Leadership Begins and Ends with Integrity

Integrity might be one of the most important things to maintain as you continue to grow in your business and as you work your way up the ladder. If you talk with many successful business owners and leaders in their organizations they will tell you this; you can overcome many obstacles during your time in your organization including your mistakes and miscalculations, those are things you can bounce back from and re-do to get it right the next time. But when you compromise your integrity in the workplace and betray the trust of others in your workplace, do not expect to advance to the level you hope to get to because at the end of the day, no one will respect you and in return follow you as a leader.


Leaders are people who are looked up to and respected in their roles and as human beings in general. When you are a leader in your organization, you are being watched at all times, how you handle situations, how you organize, how you lend a hand or an ear when needed and how you handle any issues that come up with employees and customers. Yes that can be a lot of pressure but for the most part, if you do all of these things with integrity, you are going to be looked upon highly by piers, co-workers and employees alike.


When you hire employees they want to know one simple thing; can they trust you as their boss? Not just in the sense of trust you to do your job and make sure to help them when they need it but can they trust that you are a person who keeps their word and follows through? Those things, above everything else, will make an employee embrace you as their leader and also follow you and help you when you also need it. There may be days when you think it would be easier to just tell a little white lie or say you will do something but then pass it off to someone else to handle but that is where a slippery slope can begin. One little lie could turn into multiple lies and work that you were supposed to handle is now up in the air and not getting done. When employees see their leaders not leading and lying about things, they will lose respect for them and eventually will not want to follow or help them.


If you want to maintain respect amongst your peers and employees you have to stick to your core beliefs that go back to the things you learned when you were young. The main one would be to treat others as you would want to be treated; would you want to be lied to and scammed by someone who is supposed to be in a place of leadership? No, of course not. Core beliefs are those things we were born with, the gut feelings, the chats we had with our parents when we were young and trying to make sense of the world and why certain people treated people right and others did not. Integrity is one thing you should always strive to maintain in your workplace because it is proven that the greatest leaders are ones who demand respect while continuously giving respect to their employees and their peers. 

Great Leaders don't tell you what to do they show you how it's done.