5280 Magazine Ranks the top 25 Neighborhoods in Denver


Today it seems that no matter what paper you pick up or article you read online, when it comes to real estate you will more than likely find an article that has to do with Denver. Denver continuously is ranked one of the best if not the best city to live in here in the United States. That is quite a title to have and what’s even more impressive is the ranking has been going on for a short time now and Denver does not look like it will be losing that top notch ranking anytime soon. Some Denverites get upset with the amount of out-of-towners moving to the city on a daily basis and for understandable reasons. Places are more crowded, the traffic seems to be getting worse every time you drive and of course rent prices are higher than they have been in years. But at the same time, Colorado and Denver in particular are such amazing places to live, can you blame everyone for moving out to a spot that has +300 sunny days a year with the mountains only a short drive from the city?


The one area where business is booming and will continue to grow is real estate. When I got my license, my instructor told me something that has stuck with me and I know every agent gets told when they start their careers; people need three things to survive, food, water and shelter. As a real estate agent I help to provide the shelter aspect of that combination. It can be a daunting market right now because it is a seller’s market meaning sellers are going to make some bang for their buck. A lot of times people get frustrated when going to a home and finding there are already 12 offers on the house but I would continue to tell you not to get discouraged by those little setbacks. Denver is growing by 80,000 people per year and the city is expected that we may add a cool million over the next decade. That is a lot of people who are going to need a place to call home!


 So where to begin? I would encourage every homebuyer to start off by finding the neighborhood that best works for them. If you are looking for a neighborhood that is family-friendly with active sidewalks and toys laying in the yard, maybe Congress Park is your area. If you are looking for the newest up-and-coming and love a good modern rebuild or hope to do one yourself, look no further than Sloan Lake. There are so many wonderful neighborhoods to discover and some you may not ever know about. Below I have attached a recent article by 5280 Magazine ranking the top 25 neighborhoods in Denver. It is a great read and I would encourage you all to take a look and find a spot that sounds like your kind of neighborhood then feel free to give me a call, I would love to discuss why that neighborhood is the right spot for you.



Photo by @NoahBergPhoography

Photo by @NoahBergPhoography