Where to Make a Splash this Summer in Colorado



And just like that, summer is upon us with some heavy heat filled days and some crazy storm filled afternoons. I know how many people have been waiting patiently for this warm weather but it seems we have passed the mild warm weather days and jumped straight into hot and sunny days.


With these warm days, many of you and myself are looking for a few places to keep cool. I know I have many friends and clients from the Midwest or from the coasts who always keep a little anxious during the summer because of Colorado’s lack of water. I’ve always been a guy who has enjoyed boating and water sports so I can say I feel your pain you Midwesterners when you express a desire to find a big body of water to take a dip in. But have no fear! There are actually quite a few places you can visit near the city and in the mountains this summer to get your H2O fix. Below I have listed a few spots you and your friends and family can head to keep cool as the temperatures keep rising in the city:


Chatfield State Park: This place is great for people who want to stay near the city but want to have a place to enjoy the warm rays by some water. The reservoir at the park is a great place to gather with friends and family while enjoying the stunning views of the Rocky Mountains foothills. If you want to stay a few days and nights feel free to because Chatfield offers 197 campsites.


Grand Lake: If you are in need of a little “beach” time, look no further than Grand Lake. You can make a day trip out there or make a weekend getaway out of it but be ready to enjoy the sparkling blue water and a collection of boats to rent from canoes to fishing boats.


Jackson Lake State Park: Located among the eastern plains of Colorado, Jackson Lake is a favorite with its warm, South Platte River fed water and don’t forget the amazing sandy bottom beaches that make anyone’s feet happy. This park was also recently chosen as one of the “Top 15 Park Beaches” by Reserve America.


Boulder Reservoir: For those of you wanting to take a day trip to Boulder, make sure to take a dip in the Reservoir as well. The area along the river is always hopping in the summer with events and a very popular beach swimming area.


Prospect Lake: If you are more of a Colorado Springs person, after a day of touring the Garden of the Gods, maybe cool off with a quick swim at Prospect Lake located in Colorado Springs’ Memorial Park.


Horsetooth Reservoir: When it comes time to take your canoe or kayak out, make sure to head up hear Fort Collins and check out Horsetooth Reservoir which covers and area of 6.5 miles. In your boat of choice you can explore hidden coves while you pull your boat ashore and hike among the beautiful wooded areas.


There are so many great places to go in Colorado for a good lake day/weekend, all it takes is a little research and planning. I know my wife and daughter and I will be sure to head to some lakes to cool down on these hot summer days!



Soda Lake in Morrison

Soda Lake in Morrison