The Best Outdoor Venue in the U.S. Found In Our Backyard

When I think of summer in Colorado, so many things come to mind. Mountain adventures, days on the hiking trails, finding camping spots curled away by streams and waterfalls and of course some good music shows. There is nothing quite like watching your favorite band play under the stars at one of the best venues in the world Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This venue is hands down one of the most beautiful spots we Coloradoans get to enjoy every year when the weather turns warm. It is not just an amazing spot to see concerts but also an incredible place to hike, workout and just admire.


So many people come to Denver in the summer for the main purpose of attending a show at Red Rocks. The theatre is actually geologically formed and is not duplicated anywhere in the world. There were no architects to form this stunning structure it was all thanks to good old Mother Nature (of course architects came in during the late 1930’s to make the theatre what it is today). The area was actually known as Garden of Angels (not to be confused with our other amazing Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs) and continues to boast as one of the best outdoor venues where musicians and artists alike strive to play at.


A few historic facts about the amphitheatre:


·      The first shows at Red Rocks were actually performed as early as 1906 when John Brisben Walker saw the area and had a vision of artists performing there.

·      Red Rocks was bought from Walker by the City of Denver for $54,133 and Denver architect Burnham Hoyt was in charge of designing the amphitheatre with a distinct emphasis on preserving the natural beauty.

·      Red Rocks officially opened on June 15, 1941

·      The seating capacity is 9,525

·      The actual theatre itself sits elevated at 6,450 ft

·      The whole Red Rocks Mountain Park covers an area of 640 acres

·      Though it has been around for quite some time, Red Rocks didn’t become a National Historic Landmark until 2015


If you haven’t gotten to a show yet this summer I would recommend checking it out. Or if you have friends or family in town visiting, make sure to take them to this incredible piece of history. Make sure to check out their website to find a good show or film to see –


We have so many amazing things to enjoy in Colorado, make sure not to miss out on one this summer!

Red Rocks Amphitheater  

Red Rocks Amphitheater