Football Season is Back and it’s Time to Get Your Tailgating On


It’s that time of the year again and no I’m not talking about the season when pumpkin spice lattes return to Starbucks (even though many people get super excited about that which I can understand). Football season is upon us, a time when people of all ages gather to watch that great American sport, where friends and foes sit down on Sundays and route on their teams with such pride and excitement. These are the days of fall I really love, getting together with my family and friends and either watching the games from someone’s home or heading to a local bar or even heading to the Broncos stadium for some up-close and personal action. The Broncos have a big year ahead of them and as a devoted fan I want to support them anyway I can. Now I am not the die-hard fan like many of my friends and clients who never miss a game, wear certain clothes every game day and refuse to change their game rituals but I do like to participate in spreading Broncos pride around the city of Denver.


Over the years, people have asked me what are some ways I like to spend my game days if I am heading to catch the Broncos at the stadium and I always reply without hesitation, I love going and tailgating. OF course that always comes with the next set of questions, where do you tailgate? Is there a cost? Can we bring our kids? Well I have compiled a list below of what-to-know when heading to a Broncos tailgate session:


·      Where? – The best place to tailgate is at the actual stadium. That’s right, if you head down there during the early hours before a Broncos game you will find cars, buses and campers alike covered in orange and blue ready to get the crowd hyped before the boys take the field. The great thing is, tailgating is encouraged by the stadium and the Broncos staff. When you reach the stadium, Mountain Village (enter gate 4) is where the party all begins with music, food, HD screens to watch the pregame action and visits from the mascots.

·      Family friendly? – Of course you can bring the whole family! The Noble Energy Sports Legends Mall is a great place for the kids to run around before kickoff. Here your kids can enjoy face painting, sign making and outdoor inflatables.

·      Do I need to purchase tickets? – If you are planning on rocking into the stadium with your RV ready to crack a few cold ones and throw some hotdogs on the bbq then be prepared to arrive early and bring some cash ($30) to reserve your spot. A line to purchase tailgate spots starts quite early on game day to get that prime location and make sure your vehicle is decorated to the nines. Also be prepared to see people making some amazing food out there, this isn’t amateur hour folks, people are serious about their food and their beer.

Even if you don’t have tickets to a football game this year, make sure to go and check out a tailgate session or two. You are sure to meet some of the most dedicated fans in the NFL and have a laugh or ten along the way.


Photo by @BrigetteModglin - Broncos Training Camp | Dove Valley  

Photo by @BrigetteModglin - Broncos Training Camp | Dove Valley