What’s what about Sloan’s Lake Developments


If you have taken a drive around Sloan’s Lake lately, you may have noticed a lot of changes happening around the popular water hole. The area has become one of the hottest real estate spots in the city, not to mention a very popular place for people to spend time on the weekends. I know I have had clients constantly asking me about the area and what is happening with all the building going on. I decided to take a moment to chat about the new developments going up around the Sloan’s Lake area from apartments and town homes to restaurants and activity spots.


New Construction Projects – You cannot drive around the lake without seeing lots of new builds around the area. Beautiful new condos and town homes are being built close enough to the lake to have lakeside views, quite a view for those who want to watch the magical mountain sunsets of Colorado. Sloan’s Lake has also really cornered the modern market with these new construction projects, each unique from the other but offering buyers unique opportunities to own a beautiful new place. Check out the spots below to see more of these awesome projects up close and personal:

Lakehouse 17 http://lakehouse17.com/

Sloans 9 http://www.sloans9denver.com/

loans Row http://www.sloansrow.com/

1600 Lowell ttps://wildandmildhomes.com/property/sloans-lake-moderns/

Perry Row http://www.perryrowatsloans.com/contact/


Apartments - For those of you not quite ready to commit to buying a place, there are a couple great apartment communities around the lake. Like I said earlier, this area is a location people from all ages and backgrounds live. I know many young entrepreneurs who live up there as well as established workers, retirees and families:


Alexan Sloans Lakehttp://www.livesloanslake.com/

Sloan's Lake Apartments http://www.greystar.com/properties/lakewood-co/sloans-lake-apartments

The great thing about Sloan’s Lake is that it isn’t just a great spot to live, it is a really great place to hang out during the week and on the weekends. There are copious outdoor activities to do on the lake while also enjoying some great food. For you ice cream fans out there, get ready because Little Man Ice Cream is about to open a spot in Sloan’s Lake http://www.littlemanicecream.com/little-man-expands-to-west-colfaxsloans-lake/ which will be a great dessert to have after stopping at the local burger place Sloan’s Tap & Burger http://www.sloansdenver.com/directory/dining/sloans-tap-and-burger/.

As the area continues to grow and expand, expect to see more and more shops, workout studios and restaurants pop up. If you think this great area is a place you could see yourself living, make sure to give me a call today and let me take you for lunch at one of the restaurants by the lake to discuss your real estate dreams. 

Photo By Brigette Modglin  

Photo By Brigette Modglin