Spotlight on Erie, Colorado

Only 20 miles from Denver lies a little place called Erie, Colorado. This area was developed after the mining boom but was a place many farmers called home because of the flat pastures perfect for growing crops. Although rural in nature, Erie recently has seen a surge in families, new homes and much more business. This might be due to the close proximity to both Denver and Boulder with more affordable housing prices for buyers. Erie neighbors Lafayette, Louisville and Longmont. Erie offers a beautiful sweeping view of the Front Range and around 340 annual days of sunlight, this is a town that cannot be beat for so many great reasons. If you want to check out this great area, check out some of the places below:


For some drinks:

The Old Mine

Atom Brewing Company

Echo Brewing

The Industrial Revolution Brewery


For some eats:

24 Carrot Bistro

Rocky Mountain Ramen

Briggs Street Café and Bakery

Rocky Mountain Ramen


Things to see:

Anderson Farms

U Make It

Spirit of the Flight Center

Terror in the Corn


Like I said earlier, there is a lot of growth happening in Erie and there are a lot of new homes being built in the area. I have encouraged buyers who are looking to get a little bit away from the city to try and find more space but be close enough to commute if need be to consider Erie. If you are thinking this might be a good spot for you to look for your next home, give me a call today and let’s take a little trip out to the area so you can see for yourself everything that is going on and see if Erie might be the perfect spot for your new home.