The best (and scariest) haunted houses to check out in Colorado

If you want to have a scare this weekend, Denver and the surrounding areas have some of the scariest haunted houses in the country. These spooky spots are sure to make you scream and some will make you wish you had never entered them in the first place. But some people really live for the rush they get when they are encountered by ravage clowns and psycho ax-wielding corpses. I have some clients and friends who make sure to enjoy the haunted houses around town every year and if you are thinking you are ready for a scare, check out some of the spots below that are open the rest of the week and this weekend.


The 13th Floor Haunted House – 3400 E. 52nd Ave Denver

This might be Denver’s most legendary haunted house and this year it is 10,000 square feet larger then last year. The 13th Floor was featured on the Travel Channel shows America Haunts and America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions. It was also voted one of the top 10 scariest in the United States by the Discovery Channel. Bottom line, if you are ready to face your darkest dreams, the undead and (s)laughter while screaming all the while, this is the spot for you.


Asylum Haunted House – 6100 E. 39th Ave Denver

Located just two blocks west of Monaco this completely indoor haunted house features themes of post mortem, primitive fear, anarchy and the deranged. The Asylum was also named on America’s Scariest Halloween Attractions and top 10 scariest haunted houses in the nation by Hauntworld Magazine. Find yourself caught in an asylum full of endless screams of torture.


Elitch Gardens Fright Fest – Elitch Gardens Denver

The fright fest marks the end of Elitch’s season and they make sure they go out with a terrifying scream. During the day, the whole family can enjoy more mild attractions such as a trick-or-treat trail but when night falls, prepare for a bit more scare including a carnival graveyard and a haunted inn.


The Frightmare Compound – Westminster

Founded back in 1983 by Brad Holder, Frightmare has been a haunted house causing screams and scares for many years. Holder recently passed away and there is a rumor he is buried somewhere in the house and that the compound the house is on is actually previous swampland that is filled with both human and animal remains. This is not recommended for young kids or anyone who is more jumpy then normal.


Haunted Field of Screams – Thornton

After 15-years of scaring the masses, this sprawling outdoor setup is one that isn’t for the weary. With only the moon as your guiding light, you’ll have to find your way through the corn stalks unaware of what lies behind every turn. If you make it through the maze, you can also participate in zombie paintball massacre where you can fend off the undead with paintball guns.


Here are a few ore to check out –


The Haunted Junkyard – Commerce City

Terror in the Barn – Erie

Scream Acres – LaSalle

Hellscream – Colorado Springs

Reapers Hollow – Parker

Extinction – Denver

City of the Dead – Henderson


Make sure to check out the information about these places before taking the whole family. Some of the haunted houses recommend not bringing young children or have certain precautions for anyone coming into their facility.


Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!