Some essential life hacks to help you get through the holidays

This time of the year can be so wonderful for so many reasons but it can also be quite stressful for many people. Having to deal with holiday travel, buying gifts, decorating the house, all the holiday parties and then prepping for a new year, it’s no wonder many people dread the holidays more then they look forward to them. But that doesn’t have to be the case! I have come up with a list of some great life hacks to help you survive and even better, enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.


Clean up that clutter – When you know you are having company for the holidays you might take a look at your home and think, gosh I have a lot of clutter taking up space. You might want to take that task on of cleaning everything up or you could hire a de-cluttering service to come into your home, pack up your stuff, take photos of it, catalog it and store it for you. Realizing you can’t do everything is the first step in these holiday life hacks, don’t try to take on too much or you will not be enjoying the holidays and your loved ones.


Storing your tree the easy way – Putting your Christmas tree away is usually the easy part except when you have to pull it out the next year and the lights are tangled and the ornaments are all a mess. Try storing your larger ornaments in solo cups that can stack on top of one another while smaller ornaments can be kept in empty egg cartons. With your lights, find a clothes hanger and wrap your lights around it to keep them from getting tangled. And for those rolls of wrapping paper? Use a wastebasket or and old wine crate to store them.


DIY decorations – Cutting branches from your tree make for lovely centerpieces and also smell amazing. Instead of using nails, use command hooks to hang any wreaths or decorations over your door. Hang ornaments from your light fixtures to make a little Christmas chandelier. If your tree is looking a little on the slim side, use green tinsel to make the tree look fuller. They might not have made it to now but if any pumpkins made it to this point, you can paint them and stack them and use them as snowmen on your front porch.


Shopping made easy – You know all those annoying ads you see on the side of your social media pages? The ones you usually ignore? Well did you know you can manage those to be specific to what you are looking for? While that may not be something you want to deal with all the time, during the holiday season it can take a lot of stress off of you to narrow the ads down to specifics for your friends and family.


Limit your spending – Money issues can be a big deal, especially around this time of the year. People get stressed thinking of all the gifts they have to buy, parties they have to contribute to and travel they might have to take. So for the prices you can control, like gift buying, set yourself a reasonable budget.

The holidays don’t have to be such a stressful time and I think one way to do that is to manage your expectations. Be realistic with all that you can and can’t do, especially if you have children, understand their needs during the holiday season and do your best to make sure you all are able to enjoy your holidays together.