Finding Neighborhood Information Using the best Websites and Apps

As a real estate agent, I work hard to keep myself informed about all the neighborhoods around Denver and the suburbs of the city. But in all honesty, it can be hard to keep up with every neighborhood with the continuous growth and clients finding homes in areas that are not my specialty. Thankfully, there are some pretty great websites and apps out there that my clients can use to get information about the neighborhood they are thinking of moving into like crime rate, school information, churches and future predictions of the area.


Best general information – Sometimes, my clients just want some data, how many people are living in the area, what are the logistics and demographics. For that I recommend which will give clients information on the real estate, demographics, crime and schools as well as the benefits of the area, income rates and languages popular to the area. is also a great website that gathers data from a variety of government sources and private sources to create a detailed informative profile of every city in the United States. Also, pulls the demographics of every area in the city based off zip code so very specific to where clients might be looking to move. There is also which is great when buying a place because it tells you more than just the best restaurants in the area, it tells you how far away the nearest hospital, pharmacy and supermarket are in vicinity to your house.


Best transportation information - and are both great websites (and apps) where you can go to find how easy it is to navigate around the neighborhood. Walkscore also has information on biking and pubic transportation on their website and app so definitely an all for one experience that helps you figure out the best routes and transportation.


Best school information – When it comes to families moving to Colorado, a big influence on what neighborhood they move to is what schools are in the area. (also an app) is beneficial for families because at the touch of their fingertips, they can find all the public and private schools in the area, their ratings, enrollment size, and what most parents are wanting to read, reviews of the schools.


Best church finding information – I sometimes have clients who come to me asking for church information and while I have a church I attend, it might not be exactly what they are looking for so I offer up the website (also an app on your phone) that can easily pull up whatever religion and denomination you are and where to find a local church that suits your wants and needs.


Best crime rate information allows you to search for crime reports in your area just by entering your address. Advanced search options allow you to pull crime statistics from the past 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. Some other good websites are , and .



There are so many great websites and apps out there to help you find all the information you can possibly find about your future neighborhood when your agent might not have all the information (but we try to have most information you could need and want!). Like I said, neighborhoods are changing every day and if you think it is time to make the change to a new neighborhood, shoot me an email or give me a phone call today and let’s discuss where your perfect neighborhood is in Colorado.