Head North of Denver to find some great areas to live

It seems that no matter where you go these days in Denver, the city is always expanding and growing with more companies, start-up businesses and people arriving daily. With the continuous growth of the city, it is no surprise that the surrounding areas are also expanding and growing. When my clients want to live close to the Denver but not right within the city and they want a fairly easy commute, I send them to look north of the city in areas such as Broomfield, Thornton and Westminster. All these areas cater to many different real estate needs from people buying their first home to people purchasing their forever home. The housing market is quite strong in all of these areas too which is why there are so many great changes happening in these areas that make them each a more desirable place to live.


Broomfield – If you find yourself heading towards Boulder you will first find yourself driving past Broomfield, a quick 25 minute commute to downtown Denver taking US-36. Last year, Broomfield was named 25 out of 50 in best places to live by Time. With a population of around 64,000 and the average home costing around $370,000, you can see why people are drawn to this area. And, with the city approval of a new Ikea being brought in, a $31 million-plus school being built along with the expansion of I-25, this area is just going to keep growing and the time to get in is now.


Thornton – Thornton is another area that seems to just be exploding at the seams these days with expansion projects and new opportunities arriving daily. Recently, Thornton was looked at for the new location of another Top Golf, a golfing experience many Denverites have come to know and love. Besides that, Thornton is getting a new outlet mall, called Denver Premium Outlets, near the intersection of I-25 and 144th Avenue that will roughly cover around 350,000 square feet of shopping. With more and more developers and investors sinking money into these areas it is safe to say their residential real estate market will not be slowing down any time soon.


Westminster – Westminster has been dubbed a city that you can still have a lot of the feels of a big city without the bad that may come along with it. Being so close to Denver and not far from Boulder, it is in an idea location for some of my clients who have to commute both ways. The city has also worked hard to become more sustainable with recycling campaigns and education, implementing solar systems downtown and running a Green Matters environmental education program are all things that lead to this city being forward thinking on staying up-to-date.


These three cities all have one major thing in common: they are all growing substantially in both their commercial real estate and their residential real estate. If you are thinking one of these areas might be a good place for you to look for your first home or your next home, give me a call today or shoot me an email and let’s discuss the next steps for securing your perfect home.