The best updates you can do for your home

When was the last time you put a fresh coat of paint in any room in your house? Do your bathrooms look like they are right out of the 1980’s? What about those kitchen appliances, did you inherit them from your parents many years ago? That carpet with all the stains from your pets is probably not the first thing you want buyers to see when they walk in your house is it?


Keeping your house clean and updated can be a never-ending process. We all have grand ideas for our homes or plans and ideas but if we try to take on too much, the process becomes too great and we end up not doing anything we had planned to accomplish. Weeks turn to months, months turn to years and before you know it, you haven’t updated your home in five years.


I don’t want you to get to that point, where you are about to put your home on the market and are overwhelmed by how much work you might need to do to get the price you want. Below I have written a few ideas of things you can do to keep your home updated so when the time comes to sell your house, you will feel it is ready.


Fix up the kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of the home so it is the room that needs a lot of love. If your cabinets are dated, painting them and installing new drawers and door pulls is an easy update. Adding backsplash will immediately spruce up the kitchen as well as having energy efficient stainless steel appliances.


Freshen the bathroom – Besides the kitchen, the bathrooms see a lot of use in every house. They can be expensive to fully update and many buyers will look at that when they tour your house. A new shower curtain, fresh linens, modern light fixtures and paint can have a bathroom looking fresh in no time. If you have an older toilet, consider replacing it for one that is environmentally friendly.


Landscaping – If the outside of your house doesn’t match the inside of your house, you are only doing yourself a disfavor. Curb appeal is still a thing among buyers and no buyer wants to pull up to a overgrown yard with bushes covering every window and weeds up to their knees. Put some money into your landscaping, hire a professional or work to landscape your own yard. Add trees, plant flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, make sure the lawn is mowed and the weeds are few and far between. If you have a deck, keep it painted and stained and protected from the weather.


Paint – It’s simple and fairly inexpensive, but paint can make or break a buyers desire for a house. If they walk into a home with hot pink living room walls, they are going to have a hard time seeing past the color to the potential of the house. Or if they pull up to your home and the paint is peeling from years of wear and tear, might not give the buyer a good first impression. Get the outside of your house painted every couple of years and when it comes time to sell, paint the inside of your house neutral.


Keep the place clean – You’d be amazed how many people do not clean their house on a weekly basis, let alone a monthly basis. It is imperative to keep your house clean because a dirty house only gets dirtier and then when the time comes to clean, you will feel immensely overwhelmed at the filth that has accumulated. For those of you who do not like to clean, look into hiring a cleaning company to come to your home. Being on top of this will help in the long run when it is time to sell your home.