Where to stay cool this summer in Colorado

Summer is here in full swing and with it came the hot and steamy days. While everyone enjoys the warm weather, it can also take a toll on people and I know for my family, and myself, we like to try to head to cooler parts like the mountains to try and find some water. A lot of my clients from the Midwest have told me that the thing they miss the most in Denver is the lack of water (which I kindly tell them if we had beaches and big lakes, everyone would be moving to Denver). But that doesn’t mean there is no water in Colorado, you just have to head to the mountains to find it and with this weather what better time to go in search of a cool spot. Whether you are looking for a lake or a waterfall, here are some water spots to adventure to when the heat gets to be too much in the city.


Lake Isabelle – 4.5 miles round-trip – Long Lake Trailhead Indian Peaks Wilderness – If you want some incredible views on your hike, this is the trail for you. One ridge is the Niwot Ridge that has been designated as an international biosphere for artic and alpine research by the United Nations, pretty impressive right?


Bridal Veil Falls – 6.2 miles round-trip – Cow Creek Rocky Mountain National Park – If you are wanting to try some trail running this summer then this path might be perfect for you since it is fairly mild. Wildflowers can be seen blossoming during the summer months and you will enjoy the last mile in a dense shaded forest.


Columbine Falls – 8.5 miles round-trip – Longs Peak Rocky Mountain National Park – This trek will actually allow you to hit three destinations in one day if you so desire. But if you aren’t quite ready to commit to an all day excursion, you can get two checked off as Columbine Falls runs below Chasm Lake.


Ypsilon Lake – 9 miles round-trip – Lawn Lake Rocky Mountain National Park – The Alluvial Fan (a natural phenomenon created by a flood) is one of the easiest destinations to be reached in the whole park not to mention one of the most beautiful sights to see. The trails to the lake are very fairytale like, deep, dark and a little bit eerie so make sure you do this trek with a companion.


Ribbon Falls – 9.6 miles round-trip – Glacier Gorge Rocky Mountain National Park – Fair warning that the trail to the falls starts at one of the most crowded spots in Rocky Mountain National Park so don’t be discouraged when you start off. This trail will take you past Alberta Falls, Mills Lake, Jewel Lake and plenty of other offshoots. These falls might not be as grand as some of the others in the park but you will have some quiet and peace as most people don’t make it that far into the park.


Rainbow Lakes – 2.6 miles round-trip – Indian Peaks Wilderness – The Indian Peaks has become one of the most visited spots due to its closeness to Denver (this is an easy and great day trip). The main trails can be packed but for those of you who aren’t afraid of a little off the beaten path adventure, there are a total of nine lakes in the area to be explored.


Make sure to take some time away from the hot city this summer and go find some shade and solace among the mountains, trees, lak