Finding a building with the right amenities for you

Some of my clients don’t just want to purchase a condominium, they want to purchase an experience. I know there are many hard working people in Denver, who may not have the time to take their clothes to the dry cleaner or need someone to come take their dog for a walk during the day. These are all imperative things to certain people’s lives and so when it comes time for them to look for a place to live, I always encourage them to look at different condos around the city who offer amenities that will make their everyday life easier.


Amenities can range from 24/7 concierge service to dog parks to fitness centers and beyond. In bigger cities such as New York and Los Angeles, amenities are a given when you put down a good amount of money on a place. Denver is a city that understands people are looking for extra incentives to purchase a condo in the heart of the city and by offering buyers a list of things that can make their day easier, they are in turn more likely to get more buyers.


For those of you looking for a place that offers up some of the best amenities, check out this list of a few spots around town:


SPIRE – If you want city living, look no further then SPIRE located smack dab in the middle of downtown with stunning views of both the city and the mountains. These contemporary LEED design condos host a list of great amenities like a luxury rooftop pool with a terrace and spa, a health club with a yoga garden, a movie theater, a dog park for your furry friend. Don’t forget to enjoy making some food on the grills while sitting around the fire pits.


Four Seasons – When you hear ‘Four Seasons’, you automatically thing luxury and the condos downtown are up to par on that note. Living downtown can be an issue if you have a car but the valet service at the Four Seasons will make sure that is never an issue. Don’t forget their concierge service that is ready to run any errands you need.


Residence XXV – Located at the Ritz Carlton downtown, XXV is top notch when it comes to its amenities. A certified concierge, a private lobby, valet and health club is just the beginning. Don’t forget the private owner’s lounge where you can entertain family, friends and colleagues.


These are just a few of the condominiums that offer a list of great amenities in Denver. If you are looking to find a place that offers you more then just a living space for your busy lifestyle, contact me today and let’s figure out what one of these spots would work best for you.