Denver Design Week – July 15-21

One of my favorite weeks is coming to Denver and that is Denver Design Week. As someone who is always inspired by the designs of this city, from the architectural structures of buildings to the inside dimensions, I have always admired the different designers out there and what they can bring to the Denver scene. This is a week filled with lectures, panel discussions, workshops, keynote speakers, studio and homes tours. The event will be led by more than 70 of the region’s design experts with more then 30 events over the seven-day span.


Taken from their website, the events creators have this to say about the event:


“Good design has the power to change the world in real and meaningful ways. Economically, socially and culturally, good design is a driving force in our lives. Denver Design Week aims to be a platform to promote dialogue and discussion about design and how it relates to our city, state and world.


With a focus on elevating the creative industry, Design Week is a seven-day celebration and showcase of the region’s best architecture, interiors, art, brands and technology. Come support our city and help move design forward.”


I would have to agree with them on the power of design and how it can change the world, not just in the real estate world but design can help make big changes to the whole world. It can help grow the economy, find problem solving ways for many nations and socially bring together communities. I have seen this happen with my own eyes throughout Denver, different projects that have been brought to life end up building the Denver community up even more as a whole. It is imperative to the grown and substance of communities to be ever changing and developing, to be able to take these ideas and watch them blossom into something really amazing.


For more information on Design Week, take a look at their website below. Ticket information as well as a full schedule with who the presenters are can be found here. Don’t forget the launch party is Saturday July 15th at 7:00pm at the new Stanley Marketplace.