What a good walk score can mean for you

People buying and selling real estate are all looking for particular things when they get into the market. Sellers are looking to see how the market is, if they can get their desired price and how quickly or how non-quickly they can get out of their place. Buyers, on the other hand, have a list of specific things they hope to check out when they start looking for a place to call home. For some buyers, it all has to do with cosmetics, for other buyers it has to do with size of the house and for many, it has to do with how close the house resides to the buyer’s place of employment.


With Denver growing every month the one thing many of my buyers are looking for is ways to avoid being in car for long periods of time on their commute to and from work. More and more buyers are heading to the burbs to cut their commute time but a lot of my other clients are looking to find homes that have an easy access to a walking/bike path or a place they can have access to public transportation.


I have many clients who move here from bigger cities where everyone walks to and from work. When I take them out to look at homes, often times they ask me what the “walk score” is for the home. What is a walk score you might ask? Well, the walk score was developed by a team of leading academic researchers who wanted to measure the walkability of any address using a patented system. For every address, a walk score analyzes hundreds of walking routes to nearby amenities. Points are then awarded to each address based of the distance to amenities in each category. Amenities with just a 5 minute walk (.25 miles) are given the maximum points and the more points a address has, the better the walk score. Walk score also measures pedestrian friendliness by analyzing population density and road metrics with data sources from Google to Open Street Map to the U.S. Census.


Below is the chart to describe the best walk score versus the least best walk score:



Walk Score® -Description


90–100          Walker's Paradise

Daily errands do not require a car.


70–89             Very Walkable

Most errands can be accomplished on foot.


50–69             Somewhat Walkable

Some errands can be accomplished on foot.


25–49             Car-Dependent

Most errands require a car.

0–24               Car-Dependent

Almost all errands require a car.


If you are a person looking to live in an area with a good walk score, contact me today and let me show you the best places to look in the city for the best walk score.