How to stage your home to sell

One thing that hasn’t changed about the Denver real estate market is that this market is still and continues to be a sellers market. For all my sellers out there, this is a great thing. For my buyers out there, just know this is why you hire a good realtor to help you in this competitive market to get the house you want.


With it being a sellers market, many people feel they do not necessarily need to make their home look a certain way because buyers will buy the house regardless of how it looks. But this is not something I recommend, far from it! I tell my sellers that while their home may sell quickly, the appearance of the home will help it sell even more quickly or above asking price. Many of my sellers ask just how they can get their home ready to put on the market and here are some tips I have when preparing your home to put on the market:


·      Boost your curb appeal – when potential buyers pull up to your house, an attractive curb appeal can make all the difference. Make sure your sidewalks and driveway are cleared, if it is the spring, your lawn is mowed and you may have some flowers potted on your porch. Having some porch furniture always adds a nice home feeling.

·      Make sure your house is clean – whether you clean your home yourself or hire a cleaning company to come before you host open houses and showings, make sure your house is sparkling.

·      Get rid of any clutter – it can be hard to see past clutter for future buyers so do them a favor and remove any of it from your living areas and bedrooms. Also remove unwanted clutter from kitchen counters and bathrooms.

·      Remove personal items – yes this is still your house but you want potential buyers to see it as their house now too. Remove any super personal items or photos to show the homes full potential and offer buyers a chance to picture themselves in that living space.

·      Paint paint paint – some of my clients have very colorful tastes and while that is great when they are living in the home, when it comes time to sell, it also means possibly toning down the colors to a more neutral state.

·      Clean up after your pets – we all love our furry friends but they can also add stains and smells to our home. Before showing your home, make sure you clean up after your four-legged friend and deodorize.

·      Rearrange your furniture – try to make the most of your space by filling it with the right amount of furniture and using the space wisely. You want to show potential buyers how they can utilize the space (especially for awkward areas in a house make sure you stage those as well so buyers aren’t left wondering what they could do with that space).


If you are a seller looking to put your home on the market, contact me today and let’s have a chat about what things I would recommend to do to get your house selling ready!