How to get your yard ready for Spring showings

April showers bring May flowers is a true statement these days with all the rain we’ve been having! Colorado is looking lush as ever – the trees are sprouting, the grass is a vibrant green and sellers are trying to figure out what they can do to get give their yard a makeover so it appeals to potential buyers. I always tell my sellers in the spring that buyers aren’t just looking at the inside of the house now, they are also seeing what the yard looks like, what’s planted and any potential issues the yard might bring to the house. With that in mind, here are some tips I have given my sellers in ways they can spruce up their yards to look it’s best when showing day arrives:


Flowers make everything brighter – Container plants make everything more inviting. Place flowers in pots around the entrances of the front door and any other areas that buyers will see when pulling up to the house. If the yard needs more color too, plant flowers around to brighten up the appearance.


Re-mulch every year – If you have place mulch around trees and gardens in the past spring, by the next spring, you will need to put a fresh layer down. Mulch is fairly inexpensive and a fresh plot of it can really spruce up the look of your yard.


Shape overgrown shrubs and trees – Many trees and plants can get overgrown and start to take an odd shape. Make sure to get out and trim these all back, especially if any tree branches might block the view of the home or be close enough to be an issue for buyers walking underneath it.


Make sure your irrigation system is functioning – Irrigation repairs can be costly and the last thing you would want is to find out the whole system went on the fritz during the winter. Make sure to repair any issues before putting the house on the market so you know that won’t be an issue come inspection time.


Fertilize, mow and edge your lawn – It’s important to make sure the main feature of your lawn, the grass, it well taken care of especially after the winter season when it tends to take a brown appearance. Fertilize the grass come spring, edge the driveway and sidewalks and mow a day or so before any showings.


Get rid of the weeds – Dandelions always make a timely appearance in everyone’s yard come spring and they are pesky things. If you have any rock formations you will probably have some weeds popping up and those all need to be picked to give your lawn its best appearance.


It may not be your yard but adding a bright welcoming mat is always a nice way to invite potential buyers into your home. This spring is a busy season for both sellers and buyers and if you are ready to buy or sell, contact me today and let’s work on getting you prepped for fulfilling your real estate dreams.