Why I Admire the Broncos

Dear Denver Broncos –

First off I have to say, congratulations for the amazing Super Bowl win this year. The whole team showed up this game ready for any challenges that showed themselves and you proved time and again that game why you are the best in the NFL right now. As a dedicated fan, I would like to thank you also for what you have done for this city. Wherever I go, people are wearing their orange and blue colors with such pride, flying flags of the Bronco from balconies and cars and strangers are becoming united as friends because they have such an amazing team to look up to and admire. It is amazing how a whole city can come together for the admiration of such an outstanding group of individuals who worked their tails off this year to achieve their dream of bringing the Lombardi trophy home to the Mile High city.

If there is something else the Broncos have taught our city this year, and have taught me personally, it is what it looks like to be a put-together team. Teams are not just made overnight, they take hard work and dedication, sacrifice and changes, and many times risks and hopefully reward. As a business owner, I look at the people I work with on a daily basis as my team. Each day, I try to make sure we are working together to get to our end goals whatever they might be. I take a note from the legend Peyton Manning who it is said is one of the most influential leaders on and off the field. Peyton is born leader, one who works hard at his own skills but works just as hard if not harder at advancing the whole team around him. He understands that for the Broncos to work as a whole team everyone needs to be on the same playing level and so he takes a personal interest in every one of the players. I respect that and find myself trying to do the same with my co-workers, employees and partners. Surrounding yourself with people who have the same work ethic and mentality is the only way you will be able to continuously reach your goals. As one person, you can do a lot, but if you have a whole team who is working just as hard as you to reach that end point, you can achieve so much more. Watching the offense, the defense, the kicker and of course Peyton come together on the field to form one team with one purpose truly inspired my own working methods.

So my dear Denver Broncos, I hope you keep inspiring people on a daily basis, from children to business owners and everyone in-between. This city will continue to wear blue and orange long after another team takes the title because we will always remember the team who showed up on Feb. 7th, 2016 and took to the field to show us what it looks like to be the best team in the league.