Homes For Heroes

Through previous blogs, you may know that I am a volunteer EMT at highland rescue team. I really enjoy being able to give back to the community with my time and efforts to keep the city a safer place. Through doing this, I have met many wonderful volunteers, firefighters, military and law enforcement officers. Because of my strong connection with all of these amazing men and women I wanted to write today about an incredible program out there called Homes for Heroes.


Homes for Heroes was first established shortly after 9/11 and is the largest nationwide network of affiliate real estate specialists and local business affiliates who are committed to providing easy ways for heroes to save on a home and on every day home-related purchases. Along with that, every time a hero uses Home for Heroes, they give a portion of that money back to another hero in need.


i am currently working on several transactions with different Heroes and I have to say, it was a very rewarding experience. For the men and women who give their time, energy and efforts to help this county in so many different ways, I feel this is just a small portion of how we can give back to them to thank them for all their services.


As a real REALTOR, I take pride in helping my clients find the house to make a home and Through programs like Homes for Heroes, people in the real estate world are able to give back as well as help others through our way of work. If you know of anyone who fits the criteria to receive help from Heroes, please send them my way. I would love the opportunity to help more heroes with their real estate hopes and dreams.