Taking a trip down Tennyson memory lane

A neighborhood that I continue to hear buyers and sellers talk about almost weekly is Tennyson, which continues to grow and develop on what seems like a daily basis. Tennyson is a stunning neighborhood situated up at the cusp of the Highlands, a street full of life with residential properties and delicious restaurants not to mention some top-notch retail spaces. Today it is one of the most sought after neighborhoods, even when I chat with restaurant owners in the neighborhood or homeowners, they constantly talk about how this neighborhood has changed and developed so much in the past few years and they are ecstatic to see where the growth can go from here.


Since its humble beginnings in 1863 when the first homesteads were built, Berkeley’s Tennyson Street has continued to grow and evolve to the bustling neighborhood it is today. Historic giants like Elitch’s Gardens, whose original theatre is still located on 38th and Tennyson, helped to create the lively cultural landscapes unique to the neighborhood’s history. Mary Elitch, the owner of Elitch’s, had a deep interest in developing the arts and cultural scene in northwest Denver neighborhoods. Elitch’s was original located by the theatre and was a zoological and botanical gardens. The theatre was recognized across the country as having some of the best summer stock as well as having many top actors performed on stage. There also used to be “Berkeley Motor” which was one of the most traveled trolley lines in the city. This history is seen today with Tennyson Street now being an active art area hosting First Fridays art walk each month in addition to year-round festivals and arts activities. Even with these changes, the neighborhood stays committed to holding onto its unique character and charm.


Between 1926-1950, the number of properties on Tennyson between 38th and 44th great by 50%. The area continues to grow today in both commercial properties and residential properties. If you visit the area today you will find a lively neighborhood with quaint bars and fruitful restaurants, not to mention a lot of new-build homes from full-size to townhomes. This area is one many clients have questions about and if you feel this is an area you would like to look, whether for residential purposes or commercial purposes, give me a call or shoot me an email.